CADeN Fotoaparát Batoh Plátno Vodotesný Fotoaparát Vak Outdoor Oblečenie-Odolný Veľké Fotografie Taška pre Nikon Canon, Sony DSLR

€31.12 €75.89 Zadarmo Vracia

CADeN Fotoaparát Batoh Plátno Vodotesný fotoaparát vak Outdoor Oblečenie-odolný Veľké Fotografie Taška pre Nikon Canon, Sony SLR

Farba: Čierna Hlavný Materiál: Batick nepremokavé Plátno Typ: Digitálna zrkadlovka Batoh Uzavretie Typ: zips, Šnúrkou uťahovací,pracka Vonkajšie Rozmery: 43*28*18 cm Položka Hmotnosť: 1.055 KG Pohlavie:Unisex Vhodné: môžete dať do 15.6 palcový Notebook

  • Popis
  • Recenzie
  • Pohlavie: Unisex, MUŽI, Ženy
  • veľkosť: 43*28*18cm
  • Číslo Modelu: M8
  • Uzavretie Typ: na zips, Šnúrkou sprísnenie, Pracka
  • Názov Značky: CADeN
  • Funkcia 5: brašna pre nikon canon, sony
  • Funkcia 2: foto taška
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Položka Hmotnosť: 1.055kg
  • Funkcia 1: dslr taška
  • Druh: Fotoaparát Tašky, Digitálny SLR Fotoaparát Batoh
  • Funkcia: DSLR Camera Bag
  • Vhodné: can put in 15.6 inch Laptop
  • Funkcia 3: dslr backpack
  • Použitie: DSLR Fotoaparát, Mirrorless System Kamera, Bod & Strieľať Fotoaparát, Instantné Fotoaparát, Objektív, Lensx2, Lensx3, DSLR Camerax2, statív, Batérie, Batteryx2, Univerzálny
  • Hlavný Materiál: Batick nepremokavé Plátno
  • Typ 1: Soft Camera Bag
  • Farba: čierna
  • Materiál: Plátno
  • Package: Áno
  • Funkcia 4: photo backpack
  • Štýl: Batohy

I really loved the bag it's definitely worth it's money such a super quality ! The Bag took less than a month to arrive to algeria

  • 5 / 5

I can't be more surprised and happy about the article. First, it comes very well packed, the airtight closure of the bag makes the backpack arrive perfect. Just taking the backpack out of the bag comes with the label and, the separators find themselves unpositioned. As they stick with belcro you can put them as you like. I 've had two left over. (I Upload photo of the camera placed, 3 lenses and 3 filters). In the upper compartment I put a flash and its accessories, a couple of batteries and its charger. There's more than enough space for everything. The backpack is tough, does not weigh, looks hard and firm. The good thing about the interior is that it's velvet and if you add that the compartments are well held there nothing moves. I don't think a product had ever surprised me so well. From the photos it seemed to be less of a ”thing but it's not at all like that. I 've been looking at several backpacks, since I 've never had one and I wanted to be sure of the decision. I recommend it. 10!!!

  • 5 / 5

A-D-O-R-O!!!!!!! Was really in love with her the quality is 5 * value 5 * shipping was very fast 5 * came deliver the hand, very responsible 5 *☝️Sem any defects! My best purchase there☺\❤\ A big thanks to

  • 5 / 5

A good quality backpack, large and roomy, even very large) took with the calculation that in addition to the camera and lenses I will carry all the things from the handbag, in short, all the hurma. For these purposes is excellent. The only thing-I'm not very comfortable in the waist area, the edge is tough, I'm afraid when I drink everything, it will be straight to rub. But otherwise everything worked out. I came in two weeks at five.

  • 5 / 5

Very fast delivery, 7 days to Krasnodar, the size is medium but roomy. Recommend

  • 5 / 5
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